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Custom Molded Silicone Wrist Bands

Custom Bracelets from The Print Box, Inc., we have been featured in USA Today, The Boston Herald, The Washington Post, Times Union, Outside Magazine, and more! Millions sold!

"The LIVESTRONG bands were just the beginning" according to the Boston Herald. Our silicone wristbands are now used to promote a "rainbow of causes". Great for fundraisers, special events, or retail, we manufacture Silicone Wrist Bands custom molded with your own logo or message. We manufacture them exactly like the popular yellow bands but with your own color and message for your cause and awareness needs. These bracelets are debossed with your message, don't accept cheap imitations with screen printed messages, our wristbands are actually molded and debossed! Our bands are made with seamless construction, unlike poor quality imitations, our custom bands will not have seams. All wristbands are shipped individually polybagged. Standard size measures 4"L x 1/2"W x .08"T. Please note that the minimum order quantity is 250 pieces. Submit a Quote Request now for more information. You can choose any color for your bands. There is no extra charge for marble, camoflauge, or multi-color bands. Or provide your own material to be embedded within our clear bands. Youth Size is also available. Standard delivery is 3 weeks, however we now offer RUSH production to meet your needs. As an even faster option, we also offer USA Bands, silicone wristbands custom made in the USA for super fast production time. As an alternative to molded and debossed bands, you can now order screen printed silicone wristbands

We are the experienced industry leader, our custom bracelets are the highest quality available and we offer production in the same factory as the LIVESTRONG bands. None of our competitors can offer this! We have thousands of satisfied customers, and have been in business for over 35 years, unlike many web sites on the internet. Our customers are welcome to visit our New York City showroom (by appointment). See our 'In The News' section for media information

Imprinted Rubber Wristbands are a great low cost alternative to this item. Differences: The Silicone wristband is a silicone composite and molded with the copy embossed (as pictured above in yellow), our Rubber bands bracelets are made from elastic latex free rubber and we imprint the copy permanently on the bracelet. Minimum order for rubber wristbands is only 500 pieces, 1000 for Silicone.

The Boston Herald says "The LIVESTRONG bands were just the beginning" in documenting how The Print Box Inc's popular Silicone Wristbands are being used to promote a myriad of causes. See our In the News section for more media information.

In addition to our special order bracelets including glitter, confetti, rainbow, swirl, extra wide, thin, intertwined, linked, and double wristbands, we are also offer innovative new products such as SiliDogs™ Silicone Dog Tags with ball-chain or custom silicone necklace. We also offer linked interlocked wrist bands custom made with your message.

Other Products

For other alternative wristbands besides rubber or silicone please visit We also offer many fundraiser, awareness, and cause related promotional items like the silicone wristband bracelet.

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